How I Became A Successful Food & Gardening Blogger

Hi! I’m David Locke, a husband and father of two boys. I'm an unlikely housekeeping Southern Man! Twenty-two years of owning an advertising agency and serving as the lead graphic designer and photographer left me totally burned out. I’ve returned to my loves... Cooking, Gardening and Design to save my life and give more of myself to my wife and two sons. I'm a citified country boy from South Carolina, hence the blog name, Boots and Bow Ties, a bit of country and a bit of Southern charm! I'm as happy in a box at the opera as in a deer stand.

Graphic Design and Interior Design are my professional degrees but I now own and manage a multi-family real estate rental company. My wife and I are avid foodies, chefs and travelers. My father is an agricultural agronomist so gardening has always been in my blood. My mother and grandmother were the consummate decorators and my grandfather was a talented home builder. All this love of many things created a perfect storm of creativity with food, art, gardening and home in my life that I'm so happy to share with you. I hope we can have some fun along the way and perhaps make your life a bit easier.

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