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Giardino Guisti - Sealing Our Love in a Labyrinth

Visiting gardens is one of mine and my wife's greatest pleasures in life, and it all started years ago on our honeymoon. Garden visits have become a foil for creating our travel plans with our boys. We were fortunate to honeymoon in Venice and the surrounding area including a trip to the Bavarian Alps in 2010. Legend says two lovers that find each other in the labyrinth are destined to stay together. Almost 10 years since our visit I can say that is true of my wife and me.

Entrance to Giardino Guisti

I had planned a trip to Verona of Romeo and Juliet fame as one of our honeymoon days. We jumped in our small rented BMW and drove from Venice through the countryside to Verona about an hour away. After a visit to a Chinese owned discount shop, aka "Walmart", dinner around the Roman amphitheater and romantic visit to Juliet's Balcony we drove to a small yet charming garden to end our visit.

The Famous Juliet Balcony in Verona

Giardino Guisti is a small garden, but does not disappoint. Just off the dusty and busy streets of honking horns is one of the most romantic Renaissance gardens in the world. The crunch of pea gravel, worn stone and trickles of water welcome you to a garden lover's delight.

Engraving of Giardino Guisti from https://giardinogiusti.com

In 1611 Thomas Coryate, traveling from England, called it a "second paradise," and the same is true today. Even the poet Goethe was inspired by this magical place. During the era of the Grand Tour, Giusti was a stop for any traveler visiting Verona. Amazingly these Renaissance gardens have been open to the public since 1591. They were built in 1570 by a Agostino Guista, Knight of the Venetian Republic and Squire of the Grand Duke of Tuscany as part of his palazzo.

Layout of Giardino Guisti from https://giardinogiusti.com

Giardino Guisti is the perfect example of an Italian villa's garden. Cyprus trees, stone statuary, mazes, urns and fountains abound. The elements of an Italian garden are greenery, stone and water with less emphasis on flowers, so no matter the season Italian gardens are interesting and inspiring. Visitors climb the hill through manicured gardens to an artificial grotto with a more naturalistic design. The path through the garden culminates in a belvedere featuring wonderful vistas of the garden and city below.

View from the Belvedere of Giardino Guisti

The garden is not well known but is considered one of the best in Italy. However, because they are not on the main city itinerary, visitors have the garden to themselves most times.

Guisti was restored to glory in 1930.

For more informati0n visit https://giardinogiusti.com

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