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Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Garden Journal- 1/6/2020

Beautiful, Sunny, 54°

- Collins Landscaping continued to plant shrubs

-Irrigation Specialist installed irrigation around the pool

-Dad and I prepared the soil for the rose garden

Tilling the rose garden

Yep, crap is good for the garden and sometimes I'm full of it :0). Good old fashioned cow manure has long been known as the secret to beautiful roses. Today my dad and I added 5 cubic feet of Black Cow to the soil that will become my 20 plant, 400 square feet rose garden. Along with the well-rotted manure, we dug in Dolomitic Limestone, and 100 pounds of play sand for extra drainage. As the manure continues to decompose it will provide so many nutrients the roses crave to make great blooms. My grandfather Locke believed this was the secret to great prize winning roses.

Spreading cow manure in the future rose garden

The limestone will help the Georgia Red Clay soil be less acrid and help break the clay soil into a more friable mixture. Adding play sand is a great way to increase drainage. Play sand is so much better to include than construction sand as it is more sterile and will not bring seeds like nut sage into the garden here in the South which are so hard to get rid of without massive doses of poisonous herbicides.

Soil covered in manure, limestone and sand ready to be tilled
Tilling with my trusty Troy Built

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